Tender and sourced exclusively from Quebec farms. Pork at its best!

  • In addition to being low in fat and high in protein, pork meat also contains essential amino acids (EAAs) and is rich in micro-nutrients.
  • Our pork is grain-fed and free from GMOs, animal by-products and antibiotics.

Meat cuts

  • 1. Head
  • 2. Soc de porc
  • 3. Loin
  • 4. Fesse
  • 5. Picnic shoulder
  • 6. Side ribs
  • 7. Flank
  • 8. Knuckle

Pork producer

Largest producer of organic pork in North America recognized by the Certified Humane® certification program. This third-generation family-owned company shares the values of sustainability, animal welfare and consumer health and safety.